Should You Invest In a Media Monitoring Tool?

Have you been in a difficult situation of discovering a negative review about your product that has been circulating on the internet for days? You tried to respond only to find out you’ve lost thousands of social media followers already? Or have you planned on implementing a content strategy based on a trend only to waste your time because people have moved on?

Situations like these are part of your responsibilities for public relations. You need to secure three major things in PR: handle a crisis, listen to the public’s pulse, and measure campaigns’ success. While various platforms open countless opportunities to get coverage, this entails too much work to monitor.

Luckily, technology has blessed the PR pros with PR softwares and tools. What was once a lengthy process of manually tracking topics, transcribing a broadcast for a mention, and managing online conversations are now made easier and refined with an effective media monitoring tool. 

If you’re still hesitating about investing in a media monitoring tool, here are more reasons to consider:

Monitor your brand mention

The very heart of PR measurement tools is to catch everything that’s said about your brand. It’s difficult to monitor mentions manually through a variety of online and offline channels, such as newspapers, publications, television, radio, blogs, and social media. 

Tracking brand mentions improves your responding time. The real-time results show how your brand is being presented and perceived by the public. Your audience might have a better idea of how your product or service can be improved.

With social media monitoring tools, you can respond quickly to issues and handle crises before they hurt your brand. A study reveals that 78% of consumers are influenced by social media posts when they purchase something. Responding to reviews, questions, and complaints is crucial for your brand’s online reputation. 

Understand the State of Your Industry

PR softwares and tools help you see a bigger picture of the state of your industry. You should always check on your industry to ensure your brand stays up to date with the latest topics, events, policy changes, and trends. Be in the know of what’s going on to respond timely and be of most benefit to customers.

One way to also gauge your strategy is to benchmark your competitors. Understand what they’re doing to know where your brand fits. Learning from your competitors also provides you with actionable insights to help you see possible traps and improve your strategy.

Easy to Measure

With a media monitoring tool, you can keep track of every conversation relevant to your business, including keywords and hashtags. With the information you’ve gathered, you can monitor your metrics and measure both quantitative and qualitative results. 

Quantitatively, you can estimate the number of people you’ve reached based on how many times you were mentioned. Qualitatively, you can identify where and how you were mentioned. It’s crucial to know if the coverage on you is positive, negative, or neutral so that you’ll know how to take action.

Should You Invest In a Media Monitoring Tool

Find Your Perfect Match

Different outlets cover different needs. Not everyone will accept your content or contribution. Media monitoring allows you to identify who is your perfect media match. It provides you with the requirements of the journalists, which gives you an idea of what to pitch. It also allows you to think of an angle according to what the journalists and their audiences need.

With the tight competition of reaching out to journalists, media monitoring gives you insights into which journalists to avoid or pursue. If you haven’t realized its weight yet, a media monitoring tool is essential to your PR success.

Meet Sourcery

Sourcery is a media monitoring tool software built by editorial link-building experts. Its main goal is to help people like you find your audience. It makes Help A Reporter Out (HARO), a platform that connects journalists with relevant media resources, more usable.

It understands your need to be a creditable source, and unless you’re already a household name, this will take you months. But with Sourcery, you can stop wondering how to get free publicity. Its software helps you earn quality backlinks yourself. This will increase your brand awareness and attract more inbound traffic and leads.

About 61% of PR pros said finding and interacting with journalists is one of their biggest challenges. But with Sourcery, outreach time is reduced by 90% with its HARO integration. It provides you insights beyond the HARO data and helps you land on sites with a domain rating of 70+. 

Don’t miss the chance to get featured in Forbes, HuffPost, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Insider.

Wrapping Up

PR measurement tools provide you the knowledge to know what’s going on not only with your company or organization but also with your competitors. It gives you a clear picture of where your industry is heading. You’ll also have tangible results of how your brand is performing. This is crucial in monitoring your PR success. 

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