What are Some HARO Alternatives?

So you’ve aimed at increasing your brand’s credibility online and sourced at Help a Reporter Out (HARO). But until now you’re having a hard time competing with million subscribers over the same email queries you’re eyeing for.

Other PR experts also comment on the volume of emails they receive every day. It buries other messages, making it harder for them to run through one by one to see which one fits their expertise.

Finding and interacting with a journalist can be daunting. In fact, 61% of PR pros admit it’s one of their greatest challenges.

If you share the same sentiments and want to try your luck of searching journalists with other HARO Alternatives, check out our list of help a reporter out alternative and competitors.

1. SourceBottle

Like HARO, SourceBottle is a platform for journalists and expert sources. It’s a home for bloggers and journalists looking for sources to quote or stories to feature.

It notifies you every time a journalist looks for information and insights into your field of expertise. On top of that, SourceBottle is a free online service.

SourceBottle also provides more opportunities if you go with its paid subscription. Its Giveaways provides you with samples, goody bags, giveaways, and products you can test and review. Meanwhile, its Case Studies are most beneficial for PR Professionals. It gives you opportunities to showcase your expertise by providing insights that can be used in a media pitch.

2. Terkel

Terkel is ideal for content publishers. On this platform, you’ll have the opportunity to get published just by answering questions. It’s a community that features insights from experts and turns them into high-quality blogs. 

Terkel believes that every brand has a community. Each community has accumulated insights and experiences throughout the years. Terkel provides the space and gives you the voice to share your expertise.

Terkel has high-quality publication partners, so if you’re a business looking for opportunities to get published, you better make use of this alternative and get published on one of Terkel’s website partners, including the University of Arizona.

Unlike HARO that quotes your insights in content, Terkel provides an entire article. The process starts with Terkel posting questions from its partners. It then searches and selects the best answers and writes a final draft. The partner website needs to approve the article for publishing.

What are Some HARO Alternatives

3. Muck Rack

Muck Rack touts itself as the new standard in PR software. It contains three key features a PR platform should provide: search for journalists, monitor news, and create reports in one platform.

Its media lists are kept up-to-date, so you don’t have to waste time maintaining old media contact lists. What’s more impressive is that it notifies when reporters you have added to your lists have new beats or jobs.

You will be notified whenever journalists write or tweet about your industry, niche, and beat. You can also monitor new stories related to your field by creating alerts for your keywords.

One of its key features is to measure your work’s impact or influencer campaign. Whenever it’s necessary, you can create a report on your campaign by turning your data into professional reports. You can add graphics, and article snippets to show off your work’s impact. 

Pricing starts at $5,000 per year.

4. Meltwater

Compared to other HARO Alternatives listed here, Meltwater allows you to engage with your audience by replying to comments on your social media accounts.

It’s a media intelligence platform that allows you to monitor your overall brand awareness through media mentions.

You can search through its database of journalists and influencers’ profiles. Likewise, you can use keywords related to your industry if you want to search for publications and journalists.

Most of its features are ideal for larger companies that have extensive press coverage. Meltwater allows you to create dashboards to monitor your digital marketing performance.

Not only that, you can make use of its intelligence tool to track your competitors’ media coverage.

Pricing starts at $4,000 per year.

Wrapping Up

Businesses, especially the smaller ones, have valued HARO for the ways it has increased their online visibility. However, its subscribers have rocketed to a million, decreasing your chances to be acknowledged as a source. 

While HARO remains a prime tool with over 75,000 journalists and bloggers, it isn’t your only choice. There are other tools that you can try, or better yet, work with it alongside HARO to get more media opportunities. Explore other Help a Reporter Out alternatives and competitors to check. Start with the tools we have mentioned above.

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